Article 1 – Jesus Christ and Our Relationship With Him Now and Forever

Article 2 – The Rescue, Relief, Rapture, Redemption and Resurrection of Christians by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Article 3 – Why Study the Subject of Prophecy?

Article 4 – The Return of the King

Article 5 – Christ is Coming Again! Are You Ready, Working, Waiting?

Article 6 – Over 100 New Testament Verses on Christ’s Second Coming!!

Article 7 – Heavenly Verses That Speak About Your Glorious Future!

Article 8 – A Summary of the Prophetic Work of God, from the Time of Abraham to Christ’s Millennial Kingdom

Article 9 – An Introduction to The Book of Revelation

Article 10 – Charting the Future With Prophecy Charts

Article 11 – Matthew 24 – The Most Important Prophecy Chapter in the Bible

Article 12 – You Have to Have Hope!

Article 13 – A Biblical Perspective on the Trials of Life

Article 14 – Being in Heaven with Jesus, and the Believers, and in a New Glorified Body

Article 15 – Why is Jesus Coming Back to Earth?

Article 16 – Thinking  of Jesus Christ

Article 17 – The Time of My Life

Article 18 – Charting God’s Miraculous Working With the Jews

Article 19 ~ “Why Do Believers Die?” ~ A Memorial Service Message

Article 20 ~ Hidden Treasure in the Old Testament

Article 21 – The Father’s Love for His Children